Elevate your houseplants with eco-friendly fabric planters


Have you ever wondered how to make your home a sanctuary of peace and solitude ? Take a cue from nature and bring a part of the outdoors, inside. Surround your space with indoor plants, placing them in beautiful and conscious planters, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

At akiiko we believe in producing environmentally responsible products and house a wide range of utility products for everyday use. It is more critical now than ever before, to be conscious of our consumption and being aware of the ideology of the brands we use or support, to steer clear from greenwashing, for the whole of humanity to step up and make decisions that secure a better future.  Such is the intention of our brand akiiko, to produce products that do not in any way impose harm on the planet, through our ethos and approach. All our products are ergonomically designed, unique, contemporary and pragmatic in every way.

Benefits of houseplants 

The easiest way to transform any mundane corner into an interesting one is by adding some greenery to it, which also adds a calming vibe,  uplifts the mood and has health benefits . Place them near your bed, on the sill, or on your office desk, irrespective of its location it is certain to bring some essence of serenity and breathe life  into the space. Such is the might of plants and greenery. Place these mighty forces of freshness in akiiko’s range of eco-friendly fabric planters that makes it the perfect pair, and is a vision to anyone that catches a look. Studies show that indoor air can be as polluted as the outdoors which can in turn cause ‘Sick Building Syndrome’. Easiest way to circumvent all this is by adding some element of nature to the indoors. 

What makes the house plants a recent hit with garden enthusiasts is that they are convenient to move around and can be arranged in any way one desires as per convenience, along with the decor element, the ability to completely make any space lively, its innumerous health benefits and also its ability to thrive with very little maintenance and care.

Benefits of eco friendly fabric planters

Whether you are a green thumb or just getting started with growing plants, we have carefully curated the perfect assortment of plants and planters to suit one and all. Akiiko’s entire range of eco-friendly fabric planters are made of sustainable and naturally sourced fabrics. From cotton canvas to jute, our planters make a case for embracing Mother Nature in all its magnificence.

The planter bags come in neutral tones which make them ideal to be placed in any space to create a calm, tranquil and reposeful atmosphere. The eco-friendly and sustainable planters from akiiko have the ideal texture and hue that also adds up as an decor element. Overall, it is fair to say that the plant and planter bag together form a perfect pair of soft textures and freshness.

Just as every other product we produce, our planters are also designed with an eco- conscious mindset but do not compromise on its efficacy or utility even in the slightest way. The fabrics are all plant based fibers hence are sustainable, functional, natural and also locally sourced. What sets us apart is our attention to the minutiae of details, while also making products that look and feel like a dream. 

Juco Auta planters

 Juco is a fabric made from a  blend of jute and cotton which when integrated brings the best properties. ‘Auta’ in Japanese means outer or outside, this unique planter is designed with overlock stitching on the outer corners. We make 2 different sizes of this variety, medium and large. The two sizes can be purchased separately or as a set.



Medium - 12x 12x 12cm

Large- 15x 15x 15cm

A suggestedplant pairing is the thick leaved Dracaena plant in the Juco Auta Planter. The long leaves of the plant stand out when kept in this sturdy planter. 

Apart from their striking appearance , they are one of the most sought after indoor plants because they are tolerant to a wide range of conditions and can grow in the absence of direct sunlight. They are also valued for their appearance, straight and long leaves of these plants are certain to make quite the impression anywhere you decide to place them and are perfect for desks and tabletops.

Canvas square planters with raffia braids

Plain woven, extremely durable fabric typically made from cotton . This comes with a choice of 2 sizes, mini and small. The two sizes can be purchased separately or as a set.

Mini- 7x 7x 7cm
Small- 9x 9x 9cm

The perfect plant to go with this would be the Sansevieria plant in the Canvas square planters and also compact succulents.What makes these planters all the more interesting is that they’ve got a japandi touch to them. 

These plants are extremely forgiving and can adapt to any place you decide to keep them. They are highly adaptable to different humidity conditions and can survive with little watering although require proper drainage to avoid rot damage.

It can also be said that they are the easiest to care for and hardest to kill. 


Oat Waffle Cubed Gift Pouch 

Made out of cotton fabric and has a texture on the surface like that of a waffle. They are also adorned with a ribbon that serves as an embellishment, which makes it an ideal gifting bag. They come in 2 different sizes, small and large. The two sizes can be purchased separately or as a set.

Small- 10x 10x 10cm

Large- 12x 12x 12cm

A plant that  pairs perfectly would be the Jade plant in Oat Waffle Cubed Pouch. Together they seem like a match made in heaven.

This tiny plant can make you healthy and wealthy, which makes it immensely popular with plant enthusiasts out there. They are also one of the very few plants that can increase the quality of air at night as they have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide.They are considered lucky charms in many countries and are believed to attract fortune. They are also a symbol of good luck and consistency in Feng Shui.

With the current surge in plant enthusiasts,  we want as many people to be aware of and experience our planter bags . Just as our other wide range of products, these are certain to make our customers, the planet and most of all the plants, a lot happier. 

Now what's stopping you from taking a step in the right direction. Getting plants with their charming planters hasn't been made easier than this, with the touch of a click you can get them all here.