Love is in the air... and also on your doorstep

Valentine's day

Hot on the heels of the new year comes the hot season of love. The most romantic of times, and the perfect time to raise a toast to those you love - be it partners, friends, familia, colleagues, or even for yourself (coz’ you deserve the most love).

No, we aren’t saying that you need Saint Valentine to come and remind you once a year to celebrate love, but it’s a welcome excuse to spoil the ones who mean the most to you

Now, what are the usual suspects when it comes to Valentine’s day gifting? There is the always pretty-as-a-picture bouquet of red roses and a decadent box of chocolates (all the more special, if in a heart-shaped box). Maybe a bottle of red wine to go with it. Is it what you were thinking of too? Oh, and let's not forget the greeting card containing words woven together anonymously. Now that we break it down, it doesn't seem all that unique, right? Or special, for your special someone. Allow us to explain.

As bizarre as it sounds, this has been the age-old tradition ever since the year 1415, when an imprisoned French medieval duke named Charles wrote to his wife “ I am already sick of love, my great Valentine.” This was the first record of a valentine being sent, which led to the current practice of sending greeting cards.

Valentine’s gifting in 2023

Chocolates and roses are passé. Starting this year, gifting chocolate and roses should no longer be the main event. They are a great way to start the special day, but no longer should they be the pièce de résistance. Let's phase out the cliches, and make new history together, not follow them.

Now, this classic holiday of love isn't that hard to nail down with a careful bit of planning. You have already made the right first step - coming here. Which means that you do realize there is a way to make this Valentine’s Day special for your loved one(s) whilst showing some love to Mother Nature too. What if we told you there is a way to add meaning and convey affection to your loved ones, without adding more plastics or e-waste, but rather a thoughtfully chosen sustainable and eco-friendly gift?

Take a breath to relax, and scroll down. We have done the legwork and rounded up the best items to say that spell 'I love you', for you. All you have to do is add to the cart.

There is no care like some self-care…

Yes, you read that right. Self-care is the practice of identifying your physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional needs and taking the required steps to address them in order to reclaim your well-being. You will find yourself not succumbing to stress as much, once you start the lovely and soul- satisfying journey of self-care. Which is why we think it should be a part of everyone’s busy and sedentary lifestyle.

By starting to self-regulate your emotions, you can recognise when you need a slight boost or some much-needed downtime. And what says “ I love you and care for you” better than a thoughtfully chosen sustainable and eco-friendly gift hamper with some self-care items?

Whether you’re scouting for the perfect present for your other half or simply want to indulge in some self-love, we’ve rounded up the best bits we have to offer.

Anything but red this Valentine’s Day? Choose some of the best earth tones we have to offer.

Care In a Box

Give the gift of everyday essentials with this hamper, which is certain to make the lovely ladies in your life, adore them. The entire hamper is packed perfectly in a wooden gift box, which you can reuse in more ways than one. It includes waffle hand towels that absorb like there’s no tomorrow. For those lovely locks, we have added a Sutachi scrunchie and a bamboo comb. These scrunchies are sheer and lightweight, which makes them extremely ethereal. The bamboo comb has soft wooden bristles that are gentle on your scalp and stimulate blood circulation. Now, we know what you're thinking. How can we not include the most beautiful part, the face? Of course, we did. The pack of 6 facial rounds is reusable(like every product on this hamper) and eliminates the use of single-use wipes. There it is—the ideal Hamper for some Pampering!

Care In a Box- with self care esentials

Comfort In a Box

Think extra love with this hamper. For those you know, who deserves all the nurturing. The box is loaded with goodness and wellness. It includes a Sutachi scrunchie, a bamboo comb, a pack of 6 facial rounds, along with a few more additions. The pack of 6 Bamboo facial towels is also gentle and soft on your face for that supple-looking skin. It also includes a Bamboo toothbrush, Rose soap and cotton Terry scrubber for everyday use. And the thick, durable Terry hairband can be made a part of your self-care Sundays, to protect your hair and keep them in place. The best part? All of this is packed in a wooden slatted gift box, that can be repurposed in a million ways. Get this Box of Bliss for your partner, sister, mom, or even your Galentine- and you will thank us later.

Comfort In a Box

Fyra Grid Tote

And behold, one of our bestsellers of all time, the Fyra Grid Tote. We realized this bag got a whole lot of love from our customers and thought why not make it even more lovable for this perfect occasion of love? We have added a heart-shaped charm to this gorgeous bag, that will make this a gift of quintessential love, and is certain to elevate any ensemble.

Fyra grid tote with Heart-Shaped Charm

Whether you’re in a relationship with someone, or single and focusing on yourself, Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to show someone you care. And what better way to do that than with gifts that will take your mind off of all the chaos? Don't let this day slip away, to shower some love on all the people you care about.

In the words of Stevie Wonder, “Love’s in need of love today...”

And although we are a little early, we want to be the first to tell you a very Happy Valentine’s Day !!