Art meets utility with akiiko

Let’s get real. All my art people out there, we know the true struggle behind storing and carrying all our art supplies. Be it the endless rolls of paper, sheets, art tools, canvases or brushes of different sizes- commuting is no cinch. We can all recollect days where we had to lug around with more than just one bag- to and from our studios, to work, to college, or even outdoors. And let's not forget the pity stares from strangers

And brushes? We can never seem to find that one brush we are looking for. It’s almost like they are always in a hideout. All of us think we have a system in place, until we need that one brush or that one tube of paint required to finish the painting. And can we agree that we are not the most organised group of people (lets keep it among ourselves though)? Maybe the solution lies in storing them smartly- all in one place. Well, worry no more, as we have the perfect solution to all your struggles.

Artist’s A3 Tote

Artists on the run are always on the look for a bag that can fit all their brushes, tools and sketch book, have a practical design, should be convenient to carry, and brownie points if they look like an ‘’artist’s’’ bag and not just any ordinary one. Hey, after all, don't you think our bags should reflect our personality and the artists that we are?

We heard your prayers. Meet akiiko’s Artist’s A3 Tote Bag - the ideal bag,one that ticks off all your needs.

Artist’s A3 Tote-Lightweight, comfortable straps and made from cotton canvas.

The bags are of A3 size that makes it easier to store and carry your sketchbooks and all those random drawings done in the middle of nowhere- also,the ones that are the most valuable to us. It can also fit all your brushes,tools and pouches. The bags have a wide and adjustable strap design, making it easier to carry your belongings. The straps can be twisted and tied as per your whims. Literally.

It is made from natural cotton canvas fabric that makes it light in weight and durable to carry everywhere. They have two spacious compartments, a pocket inside for small tools and separate provisions on the exterior with zip closure to store your tools. You know what makes it all the more exciting? These bags are actually like a blank canvas, waiting to be painted. We'll leave it to you to personalize them and to reflect your sense of style. Go ahead and stain them with your identity. And everytime you have had an epiphany and feel like a new person, wash them, and give them a new appeal.

Art pouch

Brushes are the one thing we can never have enough of. These pouches are a blessing for all the artists and students, as they have storage compartments for all their needs. All your brushes and tools at one place- isn't that nice?

The art pouches are made from cotton canvas fabric and can be folded, rolled and tied with strings provided. Lightweight yet robust and a space saving accessory. The pouch has 4 levels of compartments to store brushes, pencils and markers. One zipped compartment to store tubes of paints and one small compartment that can be closed with a loop around a coconut button.

Now you need not worry about your pencils, erasers, markers, brushes and tubes of paints being all over the place. The art pouch is your solution to never losing your essentials again. Keeping them all together and organised, in one pouch, makes your life a lot more convenient. Oh, you can also customise and paint them any way you want it to be.

Art pouch - compact and space saving accessory.

The world needs your creations, all you artistically talented people. We thought why not make things simpler for you and the earth. That idea inspired the design of akiiko’s eco-friendly art pouch and art bag. Go get one, for yourself and all your friends alike at!