An ode to slow & sustainable living

A slow life. What is a slow life? A slow life doesn’t necessarily mean you live without technology or fast food or use pigeons instead of emails. Slow living is a principle of curating your mindset and surroundings to reflect more conscious and intentional choices that resonate with your ideals. It doesn’t mean completing tasks at a slower rate (although that’s not out of the table) but rather serves as a means for prioritizing your tasks and using time in a manner that matters most to you

Slow living isn’t just good for you, the act of making conscious decisions that are centered around your ideals is not just better for you, but is more times than not, beneficial for the planet as well.

Slow living is beyond a philosophy- it is a lifestyle.

History of the slow movement

Slow living is part of the wider slow movement which began in the 1980s in Italy. Faced with the opening of a McDonald’s in the heart of Rome, Carlo Petrini and a group of activists formed Slow Food, a movement that defends regional food traditions. The slow food movement now has supporters in over 150 countries and continues to protect gastronomic traditions, promote fair pay for producers, encourage the enjoyment of good quality food and engage in activities around sustainability.

Carl Honoré, one of the most well-known authors and speakers on the slow movement,helped bring the concept of slow living into the mainstream in 2004 with the publication of his book In Praise of Slowness. Honoré explores how Slow Food sparked a broader slow living movement with ‘slow’ now being applied to other areas of life which have experienced huge acceleration, including work, parenting, and leisure.

Since the book’s publication, the speed at which we live has only continued to increase, but so has the awareness of the slow living movement. Today, slow travel, slow fashion, slow fitness, slow gardening, slow interiors, slow design, slow thinking, slow news, and slow working are all examples of further offshoots of the slow living movement. More and more people are acknowledging that faster isn’t always better. Slow living is not just a philosophy, it is a lifestyle.

Declutter for an enhanced life

One of the first things that need to be done, to achieve a slow-paced lifestyle, is to declutter

There is no one right way to declutter. It is supposed to be a slow and steady process. Not an overnight change you get done, just like that. The hastier it is executed, the lesser the purpose is fulfilled. Start small.

The environment you live in should reflect the ideologies you believe in. Now, if you believe in slower-paced living, having decor or accessories around your space, that will reflect the very same belief is crucial. If you have tawdry accessories lying around at your home, then you have not adopted the slow lifestyle to its fullest.

Declutter your space, for a mindful lifestyle.

We, at akiiko, are all for embracing the slow lifestyle to its fullest. And each product of ours would reflect that belief. Both akiiko and the slow life are synonymous with gentle, sustainable, and meaningful living.

Storage Solutions from akiiko

Have you ever found yourself lacking space for storing things? Being the official hoarders that we all are, it should come as no surprise that we require more and more storage options every day to house all the items we bought( even the ones on a whim).

They not only provide you with sensible storage options but also are the ideal slow-living lifestyle accessories, as they are minimal, durable, reusable, and eco-friendly.

Read on to learn about sustainable and aesthetically pleasing storage options

Original Storage Boxes

Sturdy, simple, and spacious- These boxes are made from natural cotton fabric and can be used to store anything and everything. Keep them in your wardrobes to organize your clothes in a much better way, to keep all your stationeries in one place, or place them in any nook of your room to store miscellaneous items. You have a plethora of ways you can choose to use them. Go on, choose one or get creative and find your own purpose with these versatile storage boxes.

Sturdy and simple, original storage boxes made from cotton canvas

Juco Box Pouches

These box pouches offer an eco-friendly and practical solution for storing various items.They come in 3 different sizes and can also be used to carry your essentials for travel. These pouches, which are made from a combination of organic cotton and jute, have a warm, rustic appearance that makes them incredibly distinctive.

Use them to store or carry your stationery, office supplies, toiletries, makeup, gadgets, or any such- they can fit them all and fit them well. It comes with a zipper enclosure that helps in keeping the contents safe and secure.

Made from a blend of jute and cotton.

Oat Waffle Tall Circle Tray

Haven’t we all had days where we desperately look for our house or car keys everywhere, only to find them under a pile of clothes, or in our jeans pocket? This tray will help you sort your small things such as keys, chargers, stationery, wallet,or even medicines.

The tray has a unique texture on the surface, owing to the Waffle cotton fabric being used to make this product. Use this tray on your desks, in your wardrobe, and on your consoles, to store and organize knick- knacks.

Storage tray made from waffle cotton fabric.

Our culture has long embraced a slower way of living. Intentional choices are peppered throughout our daily routines and rituals like oiling our hair and lighting incense in our houses to name a few. It’s time we reconnect to the age-old wisdom that had helped our ancestors and generations bygone lives with health and satisfaction.

Go ahead and take the first step towards starting a beautiful journey and embracing a slow, mindful lifestyle. To declutter your home and mind, you can browse more such products at! You can look forward to cherishing, reusing, and finding purpose in all our akiiko products.