The eco-friendly TOTES from akiiko that you need to BAG right now

Don't you think bags are the most important accessory? Be it for, work, a day or night out,college, gym or everyday errands- bags of the right size are the best companion. They also have the ability to alter your entire outlook and make a statement, on the go.

The best kind of bags are the ones that are functional, fashionable, not too big, or not too small, not heavy on the pocket or planet. That's where the concept of tote bags swoops in.

Rumoured to originate from the Low German “tute” meaning bag, the tote has resurfaced back into households after being in the shadows for a while now. Often considered the archetypal bag, the totes have been used for every purpose from carrying daily essentials, to groceries and needs little reason why.

Why Totes?

Any bag's quality and lifespan will be influenced by the material it is made of. Eco-friendly bags, such as totes, go a long way compared to the conventional ones, as they are made from natural, organic and ethically sourced fabrics. The typical solutions, such as genuine leather or faux leather, are quite bad for the environment because they consume a lot of water and chemicals in the manufacturing process. Let's not even get into the glaring issue of a life that gets sacrificed, for the cause of vanity. Bags were made of animal skin, by early humans, due to the ease of availability. Fashion has clearly moved on and so should we. Leather is passe. It’s time to make a shift, one that is better for all.

Totes - Simple in construction, yet robust. Coming in a range of monotones and vibrant designs. But most importantly, reusable. This is why totes have been growing in popularity. Given the recent focus on climate change, and the activities that hasten it like usage of petroleum products, improper disposal, and poor capabiltiy to be recycled, it is high time we reduce our dependence on single-use bags.

Taking it a step further is to purchase a reusable tote that is made out of natural fibres such as cotton, jute, and hemp. These bags are often constructed using recycled matter, from minimally-processed natural fibers, or from byproducts of organic material refinement. They are low maintenance, often strong enough to last a while.

Fyra Grid Tote

Delicate to touch and on the eyes- these totes are certain to make you feel like a million bucks. ‘Fyra’ in Swedish translates to 4, which is the number of cotton layers used in this fabric. The tote bag has a distinct textured pattern on the exterior surface that makes it one of a kind. It is not unfair to say that the pattern breathes life into the neutral off white toned fabric. These bags are spacious,deep and lightweight making it the ideal companion for all your daily errands, be it for shopping or work.

Fyra totes made from 4 cloth cotton.

Juco Square Tote

This fabric, which is a combination of jute and cotton, offers the advantages of both materials. Sturdy, simple and stunning are the right set of adjectives to describe this tote bag. It has one main compartment and the wide opening enables easy viewing of the interior. The interior comes with a zipped compartment to store all your valuables. The amalgamation of the fabrics offers a warm and rustic texture on the exterior. Now, you can make your shopping outlooks a lot more exciting with this tote.

Juco- a blend of jute and cotton fabric, is used to make this tote.

Classic Large Tote

If you are on the look for a one-and-done kind of bag, that is versatile and can be used for literally anything- then your look ends here. This is a timeless bag with a multitude of uses, one that you will be using for years to come. It is equipped with a deep pocket that can be secured with the help of a loop given. Purposeful and environmentally responsible, this is the perfect everyday tote bag. Also pairs effortlessly with your work outfits, thanks to the neutral and pared down colour tone of the bag.

Classic and timeless tote, made from cotton canvas.

According to a research by the UK Environment Agency, a cotton canvas bag must be used 131 times before it offsets the carbon footprint of a single disposable bag. Imagine 131 less bags in the landfill, and that’s only till you break even. Every use after that is a bag saved. Think about it, it’s clearly a small yet effective measure to reduce our waste. And at scale it can make a HUGE difference. So let's join hands and “bag” the victory against single-use plastic.

And bags? Everyone needs a bag. Your mom needs one. Your sister needs one.So does your aunt. And her husband. Bags are a ubiquitous need. From carrying your essentials to groceries and everything in between, they are the best and most useful accessory. So go on ahead and treat yourself and everyone to the best, most stylish and eco-friendly bags available in the market at

“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last” – Viviene Westwood

Season’s greetings!