This Planter will add a Japandi touch to your home

Think about this, combining unique design styles from 2 prominent cultures, brings the best of both- the most ideal way to create a style that has the potential to be timeless. One such is the recent one that has been making waves- ‘Japandi’. As the name suggests it is the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design ideologies. What makes it all the more interesting is that this particular style engenders a feeling of tranquility and minimalism. It also offers a seamless fusion of functionality and style. We believe it is the winning combo that makes it a perfect marriage of two styles from across the globe.

Fusion of  different design styles from 2 prominent cultures.

 Fusion of  different design styles from 2 prominent cultures.

 The two main pillars of this design style are- Wabi Sabi and Hygge, well-known ideologies from each of the respective cultures. Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese philosophy that propagates the belief, there is beauty in imperfection, also a way of life that encourages contentment in simplicity, and slow living. Hygge, on the other hand, is the Scandinavian notion of bringing in comfort and cosiness through our way of life. Although one common ground between these different styles is that, chaos and clutter are the antitheses of both concepts. The result you ask, is nothing but pure, uncluttered space, the use of natural materials and functional accessories. Don't you think they are just meant to be together? We do too.

All of these aspects align with akiiko’s design ideologies and that's why we couldn't wait to jump on the bandwagon and align our products to the trend that is worthy of all its recognition.

 Why Japandi?

For the past two years, our homes have been the nucleus of living and also working, making it challenging to retain balance or harmony.  This is why Japandi is the way to get about changing all of that. Also at a time when people are increasingly getting aware of their consumption, they are also interested in knowing what they own and why.

Japandi is more than just about minimalistic decor, it is also about emphasising quality over quantity and having decor accessories that bring in some sort of value to the space. This style also highlights sustainability and the use of natural materials.

Use of minimalistic, uncluttered and functional accessories.

Elements of Japandi

One of the most essential accessories to create that Japandi effect in your spaces is by adding some greenery as it focuses on natural materials. The essential components of Japandi design are form and function, so how something looks is just as crucial as how it performs in a setting. It skillfully incorporates the best elements of two distinct styles: Scandinavian simplicity and cosiness with the Japanese's warmth, serenity, and elegance. The Japandi Design style fuses everything together. Another key attribute is greenery and nature, which resonates highly with both the individual decor styles as well. Only choose furniture and decor accessories with pared-down lines and steer clear of excess ornamentation.

Use of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements.

Utilizing various textures and textiles is the most significant approach to give your Japandi interior some added character. To provide the otherwise straightforward design some warmth and depth, relaxing earthy colour tones and textures should be incorporated. 

Now keeping in mind all of these, we designed a product that could give you the ‘Japandi’ touch to your homes.

Canvas Square Planters with Raffia ties

Tiny succulents in our Canvas Square Planter with Raffia ties in the corners

Japandi is a style that organically blends earthy tones and textures with functional design elements. It is this aspect, that helps achieve the ideal balance between nature and simplicity. Needless to say that it also embraces greenery and sustainability. Our design concept for this planter perfectly captures the spirit of Japandi. We chose to use it as a design concept for a planter since all of these qualities perfectly match akiiko's ideologies. After all, what better product could completely capture the spirit of Japandi?

The Canvas Square planter is an indoor planter, cotton-based, plain-woven fabric that is incredibly durable. The adorable, square planters with clean edges, neutral tone, and braided raffia fibers at the 4 corners are extremely unique. The planters are of 2 different sizes- mini and small and can be bought separately or as a set. Everything about the design of these planters radiates Japandi elegance in every way.

Mini- 7x 7x 7cm
Small- 9x 9x 9cm

Jade plants in our Canvas Square Planter with Raffia ties in the corners of 2 sizes.

Any space instantly gets a splash of freshness from the minimalist-toned design and the foliage's green hues. These planters are ideal to be kept at your tables or window sills. This planter has equal elements of Scandinavian and Japanese design traits. Scandinavian traits are represented by the toned, clean lines and design, while Japanese characteristics are represented by the warm colour, texture, and little bows formed of raffia braids at the corners. It may be used in homes and workplaces alike because it is ageless and simplistic.

The perfect plant to go with this would be the Sansevieria plant and also compact succulents. These plants are extremely forgiving and can adapt to any place you decide to keep them. They are highly adaptable to different humidity conditions and can survive with little watering although require proper drainage to avoid rot damage. It can also be said that they are the easiest to care for and the hardest to kill.

 If you want to make your space an oasis of peace and tranquility, create that aesthetic you have always dreamed of for your interiors and add that ‘Japandi’ touch to your homes, get yourselves these planters online right away at