Create a Modern & Mindful home with akiiko

Modern Home

As the phrase goes ‘Home is where the heart is’ your home should be a haven, devoid of all the outside hustle-bustle, a space where you feel the most comfortable, and relaxed, and a space for you to retreat to. It should be a sanctuary, where you can dive into the deepest layers of your conscience and express without any inhibitions- a place truly yours and like nowhere else.

Although ancient men started building homes as a mere shelter from the wilderness and exterior environment, today’s homes are more than just that. It has become a place to relax, dine, recreate, have fun, and also work. All this while being functional. As people evolve, our homes should too.

And for this, don't you think every piece of accessory or furniture should reflect your personality, something you relate with, or something that aligns with your ideologies, infuses warmth, and makes you feel at ease? It might sound overwhelming now, but get reading and you’ll find it easier.

What is a mindful home?

There is a lot of data to back up the idea that our environment affects how we feel. Studies show there is a direct correlation between our mental well-being and our homes.

For a mindful space- use calming colours, have ample natural light, greenery and introduce textures.

Simply put, a mindful home is one where you feel the safest. A place for you to refresh your body, mind, and soul and one that not only meets the physical requirements but also promotes mental health and well-being. A few easy tips to keep in mind while creating a mindful home are - opt for calming colours, keep the space free of clutter, introduce textures on the upholsteries or accessories, and also bring the exterior into the interiors by letting in ample natural light and having greenery to enliven the space.

How to create a modern home?

Modernism was a 20th-century cultural trend that emphasized authenticity, simplicity, and utility. In addition to influencing many new homes being built today, these ideas were mirrored in the design of everything from furnishings to architecture. In addition, they stood in stark contrast to 19th-century design trends that valued flamboyance and maximalism.

Clean lines, open floor plans, and a focus on functionality are characteristics of modernist architecture. Incorporating wide windows to let in loads of natural light, modern homes frequently employ natural materials.

Clean lines, natural light and open floor plan

Now, what does being modern entail, in everyday life? Does it mean throwing away all that is traditional? Is it innovation for the sake of it? No.

True modernity is seeking the most effective way to do something. It can be an evolution ( small change) or a revolution (big change). A modern home can be one run by J.A.R.V.I.S or can be a highly rustic and minimal one like the Fallingwaters. But what defines modernity is, in essence, the rejection of excess.

Use of natural materials, emphasizing functionality, keeping it minimalistic - all of which are synonymous with akiiko. Every product being made emanates each of these attributes while infusing the space with warmth.

Dining accessories from akiiko

With the advent of fire, humankind has always got together around it. Especially when cooking your food. And that practice has followed ever since. Similarly, the dining table is one such area where all members of the family gather, not just to eat, but also to relax, unwind, and have soulful conversations. A dining room, therefore, represents the hearth, the core of a home, and having it reflect your taste is not just superficial. It is an extension of you, and your family.

Canvas Dining Set & Juco Breadbasket with wooden stand

Unlike in the consumption of content by other senses, our taste is highly perceptible to the inputs of other senses. Certain sounds (like the sizzle of olive oil, or the crunch of a carrot) make food look more appetizing, or even the cutlery and placemats on the table ought to make it memorable.

See, the connection?

It can be said that the way meals are presented aesthetically, is just as important as the food on the table and the discussions going around. Read on to find things that would help transform the ritual of eating every day, into an experience that is etched in the hearts.

Fyra Tea Towel

Available in 2 calming hues- Natural and Sand Brown.

The word ‘fyra’ translates to the number 4 in Swedish, which is also the number of layers of cotton used to make this charming tea towel. Lightweight, soft, cozy, and delicate - these tea towels are a dream come true for those who have always wanted to spruce up the dining area. They have a crinkled texture over the surface, that breathes life into the otherwise neutral tone of the fabric. Use them to wrap your bread, dry the dishes, or just as an accessory over the table, and be certain to spark conversations, when you host.

Juco- Canvas Dining Set

This collection can be said to be the perfect one to sort all your table arrangement needs. Made from a fine juxtaposition of 2 natural fabrics- Cotton on one side and Juco, a blend of Jute & Cotton fabric on the other. It includes a runner, soft placemats, cutlery cases, bread baskets, and matching coasters to go along with the entire set. The addition of a gold stripe across the center, makes it appropriate for special occasions, as well. The best part is you can get all these, as a set or individually. Give your dining table a makeover, one that’s going to be worthy of all the cherishable conversations and meals.

Natural and elegant Juco- Canvas Dining Set

When it comes to curating, or even giving your home a makeover, choose quality. A modern space need not be one that’s refurbished every few years, but lasts through the ages, gaining character and soul as they get passed down - creating memories for lifetimes.

All you have to keep in mind is that a thoughtful and modern home is one with a personality, an identity, and a space that resonates with you—making it unique and a space that is etched with your flair. Browse to find more such products that help you to embark on a journey of creating thoughtful and unique spaces.