5 reasons to include akiiko’s facial care set in your routine

The first line of defense for your body and the biggest determiner of your appearance, it is absolutely pertinent to take proper care of your skin. Healthy skin enables us to be protected from billions of pathogens that can enter our bodies and cause infection and discomfort. A healthy skin texture signifies a healthy lifestyle and helps in retaining youthful resilience. Facial kits boost skin cell generation and promote collagen production. They help in detoxifying the skin and removing clogged pores.

And for that, we only need to turn back to nature. Incorporating a regimen for your skin’s needs will take you a long way in the future, but there is a growing need to shift consumption patterns from chemicals to eco-friendly, sustainable products.

A gentle, sustainable routine doesn’t just help you but also the planet.

What benefits of eco products?

According to research by Mintel, 47% of makeup wearers regularly use single-use face wipes and pads; with the majority of single-use wipes being non-biodegradable and virtually indestructible. Switching to a reusable wipe crafted from extracts derived from nature itself, such as ours, which is from cotton, bamboo, and a cotton-bamboo blended terry, and is sourced sustainably, is beneficial to not just us but also the environment at large.

The health advantages of bamboo cloth are unparalleled. The natural antibacterial bio-agent present in bamboo is known as bamboo kun. Bamboo kun is responsible for the antibacterial properties of bamboo fabric. The bamboo plant's resistance to pests that might otherwise harm it, in its natural environment is due to the same feature. Additionally, bamboo kun is also an antifungal component and helps to make bamboo naturally odor-resistant while also keeping fungi at bay.

The facial care set is made from natural materials

The cosmetic industry is one of the least regulated markets in this world. Hence, it’s time that brands and consumers help turn the trend away from unethically manufactured, harmful chemicals to socially acceptable ones.

So what do we offer?

: Facial rounds

: Facial squares

Facial towels

akiiko’s facial care kit is crafted with an ideology of zero waste, plus is light on your wallet. These kits come with round and square cloths, face towels with a bamboo lining, and a mesh bag that doubles as a laundry bag. To get the used cotton pads thoroughly cleaned, place them in the washable bag and wash them in the washing machine. Bamboo cleansing cloths are absorbent and work wonders for sensitive skin. Also, akiiko’s microfibre cloths are perfect for all skin types. While the cotton rounds work exceptionally well for toners, the facial towels are great for soft exfoliation.

akiiko’s ideology has always been to synchronize skincare with nature, thus birthing a product that helps one’s skin as well as the environment as a whole.

Hence, this kit is the gateway to pampering your skin to its fullest without burning a hole in your wallet!

Why do you need them?

1. It is 100% natural: Single-use wipes are primarily made from a combination of non-biodegradable materials, such as wood pulp, polyester, polypropylene, and other man-made fibres. 98% of face wipes are composed chiefly of alcohol, which raises the skin's photosensitivity and causes free radical damage that eventually manifests as the beginning of wrinkles down the road.

The constituents of our facial care kit are completely natural and organic. The products are curated with fibres of cotton, bamboo, and cotton-bamboo terry. They also come in three different shapes, namely, rounds, squares, and facial towels.

The set includes a mesh bag that can be used for washing or storing.

2. It works as a glorious exfoliator: The squares and rounds of the facial care kit work as excellent exfoliating agents. They possess soft bristles that help in removing dead skin cells. They also work as great makeup removers and can be used repeatedly. As a result, this facial care package allows one to save money and time

3.Multi-functional skincare: From cleansing and toning to exfoliation and makeup removal, these facial wipes, and towels of the kit can be used for a ton of purposes. The purchase of this kit is an investment in itself, as it is utilitarian and multi-functional.

4. It is eco-friendly and sustainable: Not just the constituents of the set, but also the kit is itself, packaged in an all-natural paper box which is further embellished with a ribbon and a tiny rope. It serves as a wholesome gift and is eco-friendly. It is crafted with the idea of enabling consumers to use cotton less, as it adds to the waste at large. Hence, this facial care kit is not just friendly to the skin but to the environment as well.

It is packaged in a kraft box and comes with a ribbon over it.

5.It is reusable: The products in the kit are reusable and washable. These wipes can be used again after a thorough cleanse. This helps one save on, toxic makeup removers, one-use products, and innumerable cotton pads that take 100+ years to decompose.

We all dream of incorporating a chemical-free skincare routine into our everyday lifestyles. Why not move in that direction with a modest yet significant step? Not just the planet, but your skin would also want to thank you for this crucial swap, which would prove beneficial to all in the longer run.

Get browsing at www.akiiko.com for a plethora of products, that are zero waste, sustainable and one-of-a-kind, for you or gifting purposes.