Special, Seasonal & Sustainable: akiiko's Gift Guide

“It’s Not How Much We Give But How Much Love We Put Into Giving.”
– Mother Teresa

It's the season of cheer, shopping, hot chocolate and gifting. The process of giving evokes a sense of joy in all of us, now what if we say there’s a way to double that joy? The solution lies in opting for an eco-conscious choice. Taking the sustainable route not only ensures that your gifts are one-of-a-kind but also a lot kinder on our planet.

Now more than ever, the term "sustainable" is gaining a lot more traction, to the point that its significance and value are essentially diluted. We believe it stands for a lot more than just labelling the products with the word ‘sustainable’. Additionally, one would also need to consider how well-made, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly the products are for users. 

Sustainable gift packaging options from akiiko

The 6 metro cities of India alone produce 36,400 tonnes of waste every day, and experts say this figure almost doubles up during the festive seasons of Diwali, Christmas, and New Year. We must therefore actively work to limit the quantity of waste we create and dispose of. We are not asking to neglect the ageless tradition of giving gifts during the holiday seasons, all we are saying is let us all collectively make more conscious choices, in this regard.

Now, it’s time for some introspection. Raise your hand if you indulge in gifting, this season. Raise your other hand if you want to make it sustainable. Now, bring your hands together and clap them, as you have us to the rescue.

What is sustainable gifting?

Sustainable gifting can be approached in more than just 1 way. One way is to give gifts that help in making someone go for a greener choice. For instance, reusable shopping bags as opposed to single-use plastics, or perhaps, a reusable facial care set

Another way is to give items that are produced in a sustainable and ethical way. From brands that produce products in an eco-conscious manner, are well aware of their impact on the environment, and therefore, want to be sustainable every step of the way. Now, what if we tell you that we, at akiiko, offer both? Unbelievable, right? Why settle for one, when you can get both?


akiiko’s reusable facial care set( 999/-)

The large shopper(799/-)

Gifting is no easy task. We can all relate, to the need, to find something that is one-of-a-kind, functional, something on trend(or would never go out of), something that would actually be put to use, while gifting. Given the importance and significance of gift-giving throughout history, perhaps we should try harder to exchange sincere and valuable gifts. After all, none of us want the gifts we put so much thought and effort into, to not be made use of. 

We have therefore put ourselves in charge of making the ideal presents for everyone, and curating products that are perfect for gifting, so much so that you would want to keep them for yourself!

We have also ensured that the various personalities of the people you may know are all covered in our gifting guide. Let’s make gifting a lot merrier for not just the recipients but also for the planet. 

Sustainable gift collection from akiiko

For the- lovers of all things paper:  If you know someone who is a stationery hoarder and has enough items, that they could set up a shop of their own, then look no further, as we have the widest range of supplies that could certainly win their hearts. We have notepads, journals, and a set of pencils that are handcrafted in wood with high-quality HB lead. 

We believe everyone should put down their gadgets and start writing since there is nothing like the distinct sensation of a pen scratching paper.

PS:  The akiiko notebooks are loved and used everyday by all of us at akiiko.  Now, you can count on the fact that we genuinely adore everything on this list. 

compact stationery set( 449/-)

carry along stationery set(399/-)

akiiko’s wooden pencil(399/-)

For the- Plant parents: We all know someone who is obsessed with everything green. You do not want to go the obvious route and gift them something that they possibly already own. We have the Canvas Square planter made from cotton canvas, the Juco Auta planter made from a blend of jute and cotton, and the Oat Waffle planter made from waffle cotton fabric. In addition to being environmentally friendly choices, these planters also add up as a distinctive and striking decor accent. They can also be bought with our best plant recommendations.

Oat waffle(from 349/-)

Canvas square planters with raffia ties(from 349/-)

Juco Auta(from 599/-)

For the- wellness enthusiasts:  For all the yogis you know, gift them our sustainable take on conventional yoga mats. These are made from cotton canvas and juco( jute and cotton blend). The mat can be rolled and put inside our yoga bag, which is made from cotton. The bag also comes with a shoulder strap and a compartment for a water bottle, design details that would make the user’s life a lot easier.

Yoga bag(699/-)

Juco yoga mat (1199/-)

For the- selfcare lovers: The last few years have made us all realize that self-care is a lifestyle necessity. It is extremely crucial to take some me- time, amidst our busy everyday lives, to recenter and regroup. Self-care can vary from person to person. It can be journaling, eating healthy, developing a new skill, or even pampering your skin.  There is always some room for improvement. We have the journal sets, the weekly meal planner, and the daily, monthly, weekly overviews, to help plan ahead and for better task management. Also, an eco-friendly swap to the single-use facial wipes is our Facial rounds made from a mixture of cotton and bamboo terry fabric. These are zero waste and can be reused.

akiiko’s journal set (499/-)

Reusable facial rounds(299/-)

Daily overview(199/-)

We meant it when we said, we have something for everyone. And now that you have had a good read on our ethical and sustainable holiday gift guide, feel free to visit www.akiiko.com  for further sustainable gift ideas and options.