Japanese Aesthetic Sensibilities: akiiko’s approach to design

Influenced by the Japanese way of thinking, akiiko’s inspiration has been sought from what exists in nature & the underlying idea that what is useful is beautiful. The natural tones of our products, serve as a blank canvas for the user to paint meaning on to & cherish for its simple beauty. We are earnest believers of the fact that space should not be overwhelmed by pattern and chaos.

Eco-Friendly brand

Founded by Brajesh Gutgutia in 2020, akiiko’s creations are designed with ethical simplicity and usability in mind. The brand’s vision is aimed towards creating utility products with a minimalist & nature first outlook. This is also reflected in our color palette, carefully curated with shades that match the ones that exist in nature.

Art of simple, decluttered and functional living

Using cotton and bamboo in our self-care products like the facial care set, we are utilitarian and pay close attention to visual aesthetic when it comes to design. akiiko re-iterates our inherent connection with nature through products that cherish this bond. Every aspect of our creativity, prioritizes functionality & sustainability. The fabrics of akiiko are derived from nature without the addition of any harmful elements.

akiiko is special because of our uncomplicated approach to designing eco-conscious products. A one stop solution for the needs of a modern home & minimalistic lifestyle.

Eco-conscious mindset

From the sourcing of materials like natural fabrics to the shipment of every product, we question the need to use plastic and ensure that every element of our packaging is eco-friendly. We believe that purposeful packaging is key. The usage of Hemp Fabric for our products has also been inspired from the countless benefits it promises for the environment. As Akiiko’s ethos is embedded in the art of sustainability and sensitivity towards nature, we also refrain from using animal skin in any of our products. We are committed to ensuring that our collections are vegan and cruelty-free.

Product range

With bags, gifts, storage items and accessories, our catalogue is equipped for a modern consumer and a contemporary home. Every collection contains something unique yet must-have in terms of usability and design. Ranging from our quirky circle bags to our practical fold-over totes, our bags showcase our distinct presence, where each creation is made with an especial interest & unique flair. For the home aficionados, we have some impeccable organisers for the house. The most intriguing element of our organisers is that they aim towards decluttering a space with ease & beauty. To consider as an example, our vegan bread baskets help display bread, while adding character to your dinner table. Products like our sandwich bag, promise freshness for your breads.

Such is the objective behind our designs: To come up with something that people can benefit from, in our ethos & through our aesthetic, akiiko seeks to leave a legacy for generations to experience, cherish and live by.