How to celebrate an Eco- friendly Diwali with akiiko’s gifting solutions ?

What are some of the things you associate Diwali with? Festive foods, family get-togethers, and of course, gifting. Diwali or Deepavali is an essential part of the diverse cultural milieu of India. It is the season of extravagance, opulence and grandeur across the country and an ideal testament to our diversity. It is fair to say that this occasion is celebrated as more than just a festival, it is the season of giving, celebrating and renewing. 

Amidst the pomp and glory of celebrating India’s biggest festival, there are certain glaring problems that affect the environment. They snowball into matters of huge magnitude and have lasting repercussions for generations to come. We are talking about the waste generated and consequently, the pollution caused on the planet. With the current policy measures taken to cease the use of single-use plastic, it is the right time to find and make use of the available sustainable alternatives in places where we could. Enter akiiko, we have the perfect answer that helps you and the environment, with our range of eco friendly packaging solutions for all your Diwali gifting needs. 

Importance of eco-friendly alternatives for gift packaging

Let’s think of it this way- while we put huge thoughts and efforts into making our gifts unique and hard to forget, it only makes sense we do the same for their packaging, while we also help in making the environment a better place. Which is why, it’s time to ditch the plastic packaging and go the au naturale way. 

Akiiko’s range of packaging products for gifting are all made of natural and eco conscious materials such as jute, cotton and kraft paper. Just as every other product we make, the utilitarian aspect of these products are not compromised in the slightest way, and needless to say, they are easy on the eyes as well as the environment. All of us are aware of the phrase ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’, it is only time to reflect on these values as well, by opting for a greener solution- smallest of changes can make an enhanced impact on the longer run.

Advantages of choosing akiiko

At akiiko, we consider every and all stages of any product’s life cycle- from sourcing the raw materials, manufacturing, product life span and their disposal. The reason being, the more aware we are the, more responsible our consumption is.

The packaging alternates from akiiko are all extremely versatile, and can be used in more ways than one. Wrapping, boxing, gift pouches, or any way you fancy- we’ve got them all covered. 

Beside solving your packaging needs, they are also a visual treat to anyone that catches a look. The right kind of packaging also enhances the value of your gifts. Luxurious, premium, exclusive, utilitarian, elusive, and most of all non-polluting are all some of the words that can be used to describe akiiko’s green packaging solutions. Unlike the conventional packaging option, these products can also be used for gifting again and this way they reduce our consumption, waste disposal and also spares the landfills from further plastic pollution.

Diwali packaging solutions by akiiko

1.Gold Sutachi gift wrap-  Keeping in mind that sustainable packaging is just as important as sustainable gifting, we have come up with these distinctive and sustainable options for packaging any gift you fancy. They are gift wraps made of starched cotton fabric and are hence flexible as well as durable, embellished with golden accents around the edges making them perfect for Diwali or festive gifting and are attached with strings.

What sets them apart from the conventional options is that they can be reused and eliminates the need for scissors or tape and in turn reduces the waste produced. They are available in 3 different sizes. It can be bought as sets or individually.

Small- 40x 40cm
Medium- 60x 60cm
Large- 80x 80cm

2.Gold Sutachi Drawstring bag( 6 sizes)-  These bags are minimalist and yet pragmatic. We can't think of a better pair than these unique drawstring bags, to accompany your gift products. Also they come in 6 different sizes to accommodate your gifting needs of all sizes and added with a message card and holder to carry your seasonal greetings.

Mini- 14x 18cm
Small- 18x 24cm
Medium- 24x 29.5cm
Large- 29x 35cm
Extra Large- 35x 41cm
XXL- 40x 46cm

3. Oat Waffle and Kraft Gift Box- Two different materials- Cotton and Kraft paper are fused to create a product that is sturdy and durable. The innovative gift box can be made to use for gifting bigger and heavier products. Reusable and the ideal substitute for regular gift boxes. They are designed with Kraft paper at the bottom and waffle cotton fabric on top for a unique look and to pack objects of various shapes & sizes. They are made in 2 different sizes.

Small- 12x 12x 16cm
Large- 16x 16x 21cm 

4. Juco Kraft Paper Gift box-  Lets say you decide on gifting more than just one item. What are your options to wrap them up with? Worry not, as we’ve got it covered. This unique matchbox style gift box includes a sturdy base to hold your gift items made out of jute cotton fabric and comes with a kraft paper sleeve to slide it over the base, which makes it an entire box and apt for hampers. To accommodate various needs, they come in 4 sizes.

Small- 18x 18x 8cm
Medium- 24x 24x 8cm
Large- 30x 30x 8cm
Extra Large- 36x 36x 8cm

5.Kraft paper bag with cotton canvas handle( 3 sizes)-  Bags made to bring about the festive charm to your gifts. They are made from Kraft paper and the handles from cotton canvas, to ensure a comfortable hold. They come in 3 various sizes. The unique design sets the bag apart from your regular carry bag. Use the eye-catching paper bags to carry gifts along to your loved ones. 

Small- 15x 15x 15cm
Medium- 20x 20x 20cm
Large- 25x 25x 25cm

6. Canvas - Kraft gift envelope- These innovative and unique envelopes are made from cotton and kraft paper, and come with a string to wrap around & secure in order to eliminate the need of any adhesives. They can be used to give cash or trinkets of any sort. 

This Diwali, let's inspire others as well, by gifting consciously and responsibly while also sprucing up your usual gifting options. You’ve got a plethora of options to choose from. Literally. Time to channel your inner- conscious selves and spark a change. A good place to start is