5 essentials for your minimalist dining table


A dining table serves more purposes than just being a place to eat. It enables us to interact with our friends and loved ones, store the gastronomical essentials needed every day and can also be used as office space for numerous occasions. To make this multifunctional dining table organised, one has to resort to a minimalist way of dressing and design. Hence, here are five essential elements that you should incorporate for your minimalist dining table:

1. Bread baskets:

Bread baskets are godly organisers that enable you to store bread and chapatis aesthetically on the dining table. Bread baskets are usually conceptualised with the idea of storing bread, but they can store all kinds of dry items that one deems fit. If you’re looking for durable baskets crafted out of eco-friendly fabric, you should go for Herra Bread Baskets by Akiiko.

2. Detachable storage items:

One can’t underestimate the importance of detachable storage items. They’re mobile, efficient and exactly what a table needs. Akiiko has introduced square bread baskets to make storage seamless. They come with a detachable wooden stand and enable your food to stay fresh for long!

The Square Bread Baskets come with a detachable wooden standThe Herra Bread Baskets have a beautiful natural texture

3. Coasters:

No functional dining-ware is ever complete without coasters. Tiny details can go a long way in making or breaking the sheer elegance of your dining table, and coasters constitute the little things. Avoid unsightly water rings and marks on your table with Akiiko’s “circle stripe coasters” which come in a set of 12. They’re designed in a very minimalist fashion to suit the colour tone of all kinds of dining tables.

4. Placemats:

Placemats can jazz up the overall appeal of your dining table. Using minimally coloured placemats can allow your space to have a decluttered look. If you want to build an ethereal table, consider incorporating Biskk placemats from Akiiko into your tableware. They are bound to add a natural raw texture and clean character to your space!

The Circle Stripe Coasters compliment every glass.The Circle Stripe Coasters compliment every glass.

5. Table runner:

A neutral coloured table runner can add a touch of elegance and tradition to your dining table. Akiiko’s “Juco Table runner” is designed with a Jute Cotton blend fabric, it provides a beautifully textured base for a nature-inspired table. It efficiently protects your table from spills and damage.

If you’re looking for tableware that has uncompromising functionality and aesthetics, you should head to Akiiko’s website. It’s a haven for minimalists who wish to incorporate simple elements into their lifestyle.