Soft & Cozy : Fyra Edition
Soft & Cozy : Fyra Edition
Soft & Cozy : Fyra Edition
Soft & Cozy : Fyra Edition
Soft & Cozy : Fyra Edition

Soft & Cozy : Fyra Edition

Rs. 1,999.00

This set is designed to keep you stylish and organised wherever you go. The set includes 1 Tote, Scrunchie, Pouch and 2 hand towels- all made from our Softest fabric- Fyra. The fabric is made from 4 layers of cotton and has a distinct and crinkled texture all over, that breathes life into the neutral tone of the products.

The Fyra Grid Tote has got you covered, whether you are heading for a casual day out or heading to the beach- it can store all your essentials. The Scrunchie is the perfect accessory to keep your hair game simple yet sophisticated. It is gentle on the hair strands and won't cause any tangles. The pouch will be your daily companion as it can carry essentials like- phone, keys, wallet or can also be used as a travel pouch to carry toiletries/ gadgets. The hand towel is the perfect addition to this set, keeping you fresh and clean no matter where you are. The soft and absorbent nature of the fabric will be gentle on your skin.

This set is perfect for busy professionals, moms, or anyone who wants to stay organised and fashionable. Upgrade your everyday routine with this Chic and Functional set!

- Soft and durable fabric

- Includes tote, scrunchie, pouch and hand towel

1 x Fyra Grid Tote
1 x Scrunchie
1 x Fyra triangle pouch
2 x Fyra Hand Towels

Fyra Grid Tote- L40 x W7 x H31cm;
Scrunchie- D11cm;
Fyra Triangle Pouch (small)- 12 x 10 x 8cm;
Fyra Hand Towel- 25x25cm

Dry cleaning is recommended.

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