Noto Gift Set
Noto Gift Set

Noto Gift Set

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The Noto set from akiiko is the complete combo that would help you keep motivated and promises satisfying results. It includes a habit tracker, an effective tool to help you monitor your daily goals and progress. Also includes a weekly planner, that can help you plan ahead for your goals of each week and also the important tasks of everyday. A set of 12 pencils are also included. The set includes everything you might need to increase productivity and task management. The set is also perfect to be given as gifts for stationery lovers.

-They are compact
-They are minimalistic

Noto Weekly planner- L-21cm x W-15cm,Sheet-26(52 pages)
Noto Habit tracker - L-21cm x W-15cm, Sheet-26
1 box- Set of 12 pencils

1 Noto Weekly Planner, 1 Noto Habit tracker, 1 box of pencils

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