Neem Pintail Comb
Neem Pintail Comb
Neem Pintail Comb
Neem Pintail Comb

Neem Pintail Comb

Rs. 249.00

Not just an ordinary comb, the neem wood pintail comb is a work of art that combines functionality and beauty in one stunning piece. handmade from the finest neem wood, this comb boasts a sleek, smooth finish that glides effortlessly through your hair, leaving it tangle-free.
But what sets this comb apart is its unique pintail design. The tapered end allows for precise sectioning and styling, making it the perfect tool for creating intricate braids, up dos and other hairstyles. And the benefits do not stop there. Neem wood is known for its natural antibacterial properties, making this comb hygienic and safe for use on all hair types. The wood’s natural oils make it gentle on your scalp, leaving the hair looking healthy and radiant. All in all, this comb is a product of skilful combination of form and function. The natural warm, earthy tones and unique grain patterns of the neem wood makes each comb different - a stunning addition to any vanity or bathroom countertop.

Antibacterial properties from neem wood
- Sleek design
-Functional and hygienic

L24 cm x W4cm