Juco Yoga Mat
Juco Yoga Mat
Juco Yoga Mat
Juco Yoga Mat
Juco Yoga Mat

Juco Yoga Mat

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Begin your daily yoga sessions or any flooring workouts with our Juco yoga mats, made of eco-friendly fabric.

- It has brown canvas underneath to prevent becoming dirty and Juco, a plush blend of jute and cotton, on the top. 
- We don't use a rubber base grip because we prefer natural materials, but it has been tested for anti-slip and won't move at all when practising yoga.
- Since cotton fibres are inherently fluffy, they provide great cushioning for any asanas and movements that require the use of your knee, elbows, or headstand provided they are woven to a sufficient thickness, like our mats (6mm thickness).

L200cm x W61cm

It is recommended that you gently handwashed with a mild detergent. Use a brush dipped in soapy water to clean stains. Iron the juco products while still damp. Air Dry the products.