Juco Auta planter
Juco Auta planter
Juco Auta planter
Juco Auta planter
Juco Auta planter

Juco Auta planter

Rs. 399.00
  • Medium
  • Large

Juco is a fabric made from a  blend of jute and cotton which when integrated brings the best properties of each. ‘Auta’ in Japanese means outer or outside, the unique planter is designed with overlock stitching on the outer corners. This eco-friendly planter can be used as an outer cover for regular potted plants. The fabrics are all plant-based fibres and hence are sustainable, functional, durable, natural and also locally sourced.This eco-friendly and sustainable planter has the perfect hue and texture that also doubles up as an decor element. It would not be unfair to say, this gives the plants their well-deserved charm.

We make 2 different sizes of this variety, medium and large. 

- Eco-friendly
- Durable
- Unique

Medium - 12x 12x 12 cm

Large- 15x 15x 15 cm

It is recommended that you gently hand wash with a mild detergent. Use a brush dipped in soapy water to clean stains. Iron the juco products while still damp. Air Dry the products.

Remove the plant from the planter before watering to avoid any untidy spills.