Canvas Square Planter
Canvas Square Planter
Canvas Square Planter
Canvas Square Planter

Canvas Square Planter

Rs. 175.00
  • Mini
  • Small

The Canvas Square planter is cotton-based, plain-woven fabric that is incredibly durable. Adorable, square planters with clean edges, neutral tone and braided raffia fibres at the 4 corners which makes them extremely unique and one- of- a kind. The planters are of 2 different sizes- mini and small and can be bought separately or as a set. Everything about the design of these planters exude Japandi elegance in every way. Japandi as a style is all about clean, straight lines, functional, minimalistic and sustainable. These planters are ideal to be kept at your tables or window sills. It may be used in homes and workplaces alike because it is ageless and simplistic.

- Lightweight
- Minimalistic design
- Raffia fibres at corners

Mini- 7x 7x 7 cm

Small- 9x 9x 9 cm

It is recommended that Cotton Canvas products are gently hand washed with a mild detergent. Use a brush dipped in soapy water to clean stains. Avoid Machine washing where possible.

Remove the plant from the planter before watering to avoid any untidy spills.