Akiiko's Fyra Range: The Perfect Gifts for Mom's Self-Love Rituals

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The phone call that can light up our faces or silence our worries, the one we can count on when we are lonely or sad, and the undeniable love we receive from them- our mothers, makes the world a whole lot better and special. Being a Mom is no easy task. From making sure a toddler doesn’t eat junk to staying beside a grumpy adolescent and always having comforting words to calm us- they work their fingers to the bone, for us and our welfare. And for this very reason, we call everyone out there, to celebrate this Mother’s Day and show your mom how special and irreplaceable she is. Let’s pause and give them the experience of being cared for

How did it all start?

Mother's Day is a special occasion celebrated around the world to honor the mothers in our lives. From antiquity to modernity, various cultures have found ways to express their appreciation and gratitude for the love and care that mothers provide. In this article, we explore the history and tradition around Mother's Day and how sustainable gift- giving can carry on these traditions.

Historically, gift-giving on Mother's Day dates all the way back to ancient civilizations. In ancient Greece, people celebrated Rhea, the mother of the gods, with offerings of honey cakes, fine drinks, and flowers. In ancient Rome, the festival of Hilaria was held to honor Cybele, the mother of the gods, with games, processions, and offerings. In medieval England, people celebrated Mothering Sunday, a Christian holiday that fell on the fourth Sunday in Lent. On this day, children would return home from work to visit their mothers and bring them flowers, gifts, and sweet treats.

Plants, flowers and baked goods were common gifts in the earlier days.

A common occurrence not just here but throughout history, gifts were often made sustainably and with great care. Handmade crafts, embroidered linens, and baked goods were common gifts, and they were often made with locally sourced materials. In ancient times, people would often give plants and seeds as gifts, which were used for food and medicine. These sustainable practices have continued through the ages and have rightfully inspired modern gift-giving practices.

Mother’s Day around the World

Today, sustainable gift- giving is a popular trend, and it can be a way to pay homage to these ancient traditions. In addition to the sustainable aspect, gift- giving can also be a way to connect with mothers across cultures. For example, in Ethiopia, people celebrate Antrosht, a three-day celebration that includes singing, dancing, and feasting with family and friends. In Mexico, people celebrate Día de las Madres, a holiday that includes gift-giving and parades. And in Japan, people celebrate Haha no Hi, a day for mothers to relax and be pampered with gifts and attention from their children.

Self-care sets to shower some love

A gift can be a reflection of several things. It can be something the recipient loves doing, or something you would want them to start with. It could be something you think would enhance their everyday lives and make it better. Or something that you want to encourage them to inculcate in their routine.

Either way, the practice of Self- Care is something everyone needs, to keep us all sane and healthy. And don’t you think the most caring beings - our mothers deserve the same care, they radiate. And while gifting, it is important to consider aspects like- brand, their ethicality, materials and brownie points if they are also friendly to the environment.

Enter akiiko’s Fyra Collection- products made from an extremely soft fabric that is produced by weaving together 4 layers of cotton.

Soft & Soothe

Elevate your bathroom decor with this charming set of hand towels nestled in an adorable basket. The perfect blend of form and function, this set is made to add a touch of elegance and convenience to your daily routine. For moms that love to be organised- which is every single one of them, this set is certain to win their hearts, as it also includes a storage basket that can be used in more ways than one.

Set of 12 lightweight and wispy hand towels nestled in a storage basket. 

Fyra Comfort Duo

One thing we can never have enough of- scrunchies. Include a pouch along with this, and there you have the ideal travel duo that every single woman needs. They are two peas in a pod, made from the same, soft- Fyra fabric. The two products together make the perfect gift for moms on-the-go.

Quintessential Travel Combo- Pouch and scrunchie

Soft & Cozy: Fyra Edition

We saved the best for the last. This set is perfect for busy professionals, moms, or anyone who wants to stay organised and fashionable. The set includes 1 Tote, Scrunchie, Pouch, and 2 hand towels- all items that emanate pure comfort. This set is designed to keep one stylish and organised wherever they go.

Includes 1 Tote Bag, 1 Pouch, 1 Scrunchie & 2 Hand Towels

It is a pleasure to be able to wish a loved one on Mother's Day. So if you can and when you can, make these moments matter and give them things they would go on to cherish. Call and wish, spend some time with them, and cook things they love. Above all, give them the best gift there is to give- Time. Above are a few sets that we felt every mother would love to have. For more details on them and more such options, head on to www.akiiko.com

To all the mothers and mother figures out there- Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for always knowing what is right, for being a ray of hope, and for always filling our tummies!